You are getting very sleepy...

Welcome to the dream dimension.

I am Jolene,
and I will be your
spirit guide.

Here on the surface, you see the songs.
You hear the music. You look at the videos.

You can stay here if it feels better,
if it keeps you comfortable.

One order of what you're used to,
coming right up.

Once upon a time in the next dimension over, there lived a songstress named Merry Ellen Kirk. One night on the eve of the feast of Mary Magdalene and just before the full moon, she read a strange version of a wonderful children's bedtime story and fell into a deep, deep slumber.

Here we are, in the dream. You've been here before, it's the place on the other side of the mirror, where you go when you're sleeping.

All ye who have eyes, let them see; all ye who have ears, visit HEMISPHERES.LAND.

You might not understand yet, that's okay - take my hand.


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Dream Portals

A rift in the system

Deep in the darkness of The Great Unconscious, and past The Vacuous Black Abyss,
there in the distance is a tiny little shimmer,
a shiny little glimmer of perfect bliss.

- Be sure to bring back a souvenir -

Visit Dream Portal #12

Character Build*


JOLENE is what you might call a glitch in the matrix; she slipped in through a crack in the outer realm, the dimension of dreams.

Current occupation

Earth Year 2024 AD

Bringing The Magick back to the Earth dimension. Everyone seems so sad & scared here, it doesn't have to be this way.

Previous jobs

6798-6942 HSY (HEMISPHERES Standardized Year)

Goddess of the Southern Shadowlands, Speaker of the Myth, Keeper of the Night, Befriender of the Misunderstood, Entertainer from the Bubble of Bliss.






Being So Serious


Dragonslaying with Keytar


Creating the New World


Soft skills

Wearing a velvet cape.

Having skin regularly regenerated by the sapserum of the ivory trees of Saint Rose Valley near Asclepiades.

Refusing to be uncomfortable & running away at the first sign of stilettos or any other such sharp, pointy objects.

Making soft wares, soft swears, soft wheres, and soft whys - not hard, it's easy if you try.







medium terrible


Snacking on Softballs

Being Music

Visiting the Source Code

Making up Games

Riding on a Broomstick

Above are iconographic representations of snacking on softballs, being music, visiting the Source Code, making up games, and riding on a broomstick. This is a basic list of hobbies, some of which could be considered mine.

What is it they are saying...

Dolly Parton

Reigning Matriarch of Dreams

Merry Ellen Kirk

Sleeper Self

T.E. Lawrence

Ambassador of Arabia

Carl Jung

Pioneer of the Psyche

Madeleine L'Engle

Discoverer of the Wrinkle in Time

Yeshua, The Nazarene

Resetter of the Earth Clock

Led Zeppelin

A Heavy Balloon

Hall & Oates

Valhalla & the Elysian Fields

Wake up - wake up

north sky
Southern Shadowlands
Western Wilds
eastern realm